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“One of the finest writers on Middle Eastern food is Ghillie Basan”
Clarissa Dickson Wright


Turkey, Morocco, Lebanon, The Middle East, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Kenya, Scotland, Whisky and Memoirs

There are more than 40 cookery titles to choose from (see Library below). Many of the titles are translated into German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Scandinavian languages; there are US versions of some titles, or US conversion charts within the books; and some titles have been shortlisted for the Glenfiddich, the Guild of Food Writers’, and the Cordon Bleu World Food Media Awards.

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Check out my latest title: Spirit & Spice

“Ghillie’s food and immense body of knowledge cross the frontiers of culinary cultures and traditions. As with her life, the recipes are exciting but always rooted at the source. This stunning book is no exception – Ghillie’s courage, sense of adventure and pioneering spirit is movingly captured in the beautiful photos, her compelling words and delicious recipes.”
Helen Goh.

“Flavour is at the heart of this book and she skilfully finds parallels to bring dishes and drams together. Ghillie’s warmth and charm light up every page and I was instantly inspired to try the recipes.”

 Annabel Meikle (Keepers of the Quaich)

“I know that I am already half way to being bewitched when food is spicy but there is something particularly bewitching about Spirit & Spice. The mood, pace and ingredients are painstakingly thought out so you can smell coals and eggs cooking on spades and porridge on a fire in the bush, cloves, garlic, chillies, fire, snow, bread, yogurt and space and peace – I love books I can enter and feel almost like I’m catching my breath from the visit. You can feel and taste every beat, every pulse. Ghillie’s book is an irresistible sensory feast. And I haven’t even cooked one thing out of it yet.”

Yemesi Aribisala (Longthroat Memoirs)



Classic Turkish Cookery

‘In this superb book Ghillie Basan brings the best of both regional and Ottoman court cuisines together. Her observations on the roots of Turkish cuisine make this book more than a mere recipe collection.’
(Skylife: Turkish Airlines)

“This book has everything you need to cook like a Turkish woman”

(Ximena, Germany)