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Cookery Workshops


‘I first read about Ghillie in 2007 whilst flying 30,00ft above Karachi. Being Scottish myself and having a love of cooking I was intrigued to read about a woman who lived in the Highlands and ran cookery workshops. When I arrived at my destination I was pleasantly surprised to find a copy of Ghillie’s Vietnamese in the kitchen of my friend’s house in Hanoi, Vietnam. Fast forward 9 years and I find myself in Ghillie’s kitchen enjoying a birthday gift of a Mezze and Tagine workshop ……. Thanks for such a fabulous day, it was well worth the wait.’’
Deirdre Everett , Edinburgh


With years of travel and research in different parts of the world, I bring my knowledge and experience to life in my relaxed cookery workshops at my remote home. With views to the hills and a kitchen full of colour, traditional culinary utensils and spices from Istanbul, I share my expertise by taking you on a ‘food safari’. Rest assured, these workshops are unique and hands-on – you do the cooking; I do the guiding. There are no fancy gadgets, precise measurements or complicated recipes, just sharp knives, mortar and pestles, and lots of chopping, pounding, tasting, laughter and good banter. If you enjoy sharing stories, learning about spices and cultures, and tucking into a feast with a bottle of wine, this is the workshop for you!

You can book a Day Workshop (2-6 people);  Residential Workshop (2 people), Corporate Workshop (10-12 people). Spices and Books are available to buy at the Workshop and leaflets and gift vouchers can be sent to you.



“So much more than a workshop. Such a privilege and a pleasure to share Ghillie’s enthusiasm and knowledge of Middle Eastern cuisine and to get a glimpse into the energy and courage required in bringing this experience to such a remote and beautiful part of Scotland.”
Robin and Heather Fulton, Edinburgh




What type of workshop interests you?

Mad about Mezze
(A feast of traditional Turkish and Middle Eastern mezze dishes)

Mezze, Tagines, Couscous
(Mezze dishes, Moroccan tagines and couscous)

Spice Safari
(A journey around the spice routes with dishes from Turkey, the Middle East, North and East Africa, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Caribbean)

African Food Safari
(A journey through Morocco, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa looking at regional dishes and their influences)

Veggie & Vegan
(Exploring ideas for vegetarian and vegan diets drawing from different cultures)



“What a feast! At the end of the road Ghillie greets you with a warm smile. And it’s straight into cooking. After a couple of hours an amazing feast is ready. Sitting on the deck devouring our delights with a glass of wine and taking in the most amazing views across the glen, this is Paradise!”
Mary Brautigam, Amsterdam


“Despite growing up in Palestine, I was able to learn and pick up tips from Ghillie from around that region. Fantastic experience, would highly recommend this cooking course.” 
Amanda Nasser



How much does a Workshop cost?

Day Workshop: £450.00 for 2 people, £500.00 for 3, £600.00 for 4-6  – this includes the day spent cooking with Ghillie in her home, all the food, and a bottle of wine.

Residential Workshop: £600.00 for 2 people – this includes 2 nights in Ghillie’s cosy, self-catering holiday cottage with a log burning stove, table tennis, private deck and the day spent cooking with Ghillie in her home, all the food and a bottle of wine.

Corporate Workshop  –  £1500.00 for 10 people – this includes learning about traditional and ancestral skills, foraging, spice pastes and marinades, rabbit skinning, natural fire-lighting and cooking, smoking and pit-oven cooking.



To book a workshop, please use the Contact page to get in touch with me.