Blog: The Original Spice Girl

 My interest in spices is not solely related to food – their medicinal and cultural uses are just as important. For over 30 years, I have researched and written about them and how they are used in different cultures. I have been dubbed ‘the original spice girl’ in the press and I have talked regularly about the origins and uses of spices on Radio Scotland and on radio shows in the US and Europe but at home in my kitchen I love roasting and pounding them, dreaming of journeys through India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, the warming aromas and flavours transporting me from busy street markets to sundowners in the bush.


Come and join me on the spice workshops I run in my remote highland kitchen with a glorious view to the hills and cooking utensils from around the world. Here is what some people are saying:

‘When we arrived I was wondering how this Scottish lady would teach me about Middle Eastern and North African cooking. As we went along I could see that she has the knowledge of a native of both.’ Hassan Choucair, chef in London, Africa, Middle East

‘My husband made it his mission to answer my prayers and find me a cooking course that would teach me about spices. We have accomplished this today and more.’ Stacey Wooliscroft, Canada

‘Thanks for allowing us to feel the rhythm and sense the freedom of flavours. Excellent therapy.’ Fraser and Siobhan, Glasgow